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We, Yaoh Kiki, would like to introduce the greeting, corporate philosophy and company profile. We have been supplying the excellent and reliable components from around the world with holding up an ideal of “expanding the industry of electrical and gas appliances” since 1976. We continue to do this for co-operating with customers by supplying the innovative components and good relationship.


The control components of Yaoh Kiki has been expanding the business field not only for electric and gas appliances but also materials chemistry, environment and robot that will support the “basis of life” more and more in the future. This is because “the procurement power from world wide” and “proposal for solution” are the strength of Yaoh Kiki.
 We think that “communication with participants” is the key for finding the problems and looking for the solution in the future. We heighten the communication capable more, create the new value and aim to the trusted company by the society from now on. We would like to ask in future to have further understanding and support.

Yaoh Kiki Co.,Ltd.
President Junichiro Matsumura

Corporate Philosophy

We import the functional parts of excellent and reliable technology from around the world, introduce them to various customers and contribute to the performance and quality improvement of the produced products and we would like to contribute to the development of the global community.

In addition, the production section would like to contribute to the development of the industry by developing new products depending on the demand of the market.

1)Contribute to the world by the progress through industry
2)Have zeal and originality

Company Profile

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Company Yaoh Kiki Co.,Ltd.
Headquarter 4-30-24 Shimo-Igusa, Suginami-Ward, Tokyo 167-0033, Japan
Sales office
Tama Plant 2009-12 Wada, Tama-City, Tokyo 206-0001, JAPAN
President Junichiro Matsumura
Establishment March, 1976
Capita JPY2,000,000(Twenty million Japanese Yen)
Bankers Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Shimoigusa Branch
Mizuho Bank Ogikubo Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank Shinjyuku Branch
Risona Bank Iogi Branch
Business 1)Importing and sales of control components
2)Developing, designing, manufacturing and sales of control components


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June-1975 Founded at Koganei-City, Tokyo
March 1976 Established as Yaoh Kiki 
May-1976 Started to sell EGOproducts
November 1976 Factory moved to Kawasaki-City, Kanagawa-Prefecture
September 1980 Headquarter moved to Suginami, Tokyo
March 1988 Started to sell Schroff products
February 1993 Built new sales office and factory in Kawasaki-City,Kanagawa-Prefecture
July-2004 Moved Tama-Factory in Tama-City, Tokyo and started to produce gas control
Jun-2013 Built new Tama factory
November 2015 Mergered Yaoh Electronics
April 2021 Built new sales office  in Inagi-City,Tokyo-Prefecture



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