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Gas Control Valve

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ガスマルチコントロールバルブ GA210型

This valve has all functions for gas cooker.

This valve has propotional control sensor. So, you can cook accurate temperature control without difficulty. Type GA210 has thermostat, gas regulator, ignitor, safty and cock. You have these functions by one mounting.

ガスサーモバルブ GA4型(旧NF804G型)

The best seller is a proof of trust.

Trusted gas thermostat keeps temperature control constant with precise operation at all times. Compact, but with high sensitivity sensor. As best seller gas thermostat, it has more than 2 million sales for long time.


This hi-limit valve prevent abnormal heating in automatic heat cooker.

This hi-limit valve is a safety device with manual reset to prevent the fire by overheating of gas cooker. This valve is a fail safe system. And two sensor types available; stick sensor and disc sensor.



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