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Gas hi-limit valve

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Gas fail safe hi-limit valve type GFS

Gas fail safe hi-limit valve type GFS

This hi-limit valve is a safety device with manual reset to prevent the fire by overheating of gas cooker. This valve is also fail safe system.
Two sensor types available; stick sensor and disc sensor.

Features for Gas fail safe hi-limit valve type GFS

  • Operation temperature

    : 95℃、120℃ and more(for water)


    :220℃、235℃ and more(for fryer)

  • Sensor type

    :stick sensor or disc sensor

  • Apply gas

    :town gas、city gas, LPG

  • Fail safe system

    :patent approved

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Connection RC1/2 (IN、OUT)
Capacity 1.8m3 /H(10mm drop)
Temperature(℃) Stick sensor 120℃(for water)
235℃(for fryer)
Disc sensor 95、120℃(for water)



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