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Float/Level Switch

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Float Switch KS2/KS4

Stainless steel straight/L shape type

It is a straight model and an L-form float switch made in SUS. The durability is heat-resistant and it is corrosion-resistant and is superior and used in various uses. KS2/KS4 are standatd type, so it is available on short delivery period.

Special type float switch KS2TH/KS2M/KS5V/custom

Special type float switch

Heat-resistant, microminature or viscosity-resistant. We prepare the special type that matched with your needs.

Level Switch

Sensors for powder, bilk and liquid

Level Switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific liquid, powder or bulk level. Capacitive, diaphragm, swing, float, paddle, vibration and electrode models are the different types of level switches available.



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