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Gas Thermo Valve

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Gas Thermo Valve type GA4

Gas Thermo Valve type GA4

Trusted gas thermostat keeps temperature control constant with precise operation at all times. Compact, but with high sensitivity sensor. As best seller gas thermostat, it has more than 2 million sales for long times.

Features of Gas thermo valve type GA4

  • Propotional control action with high sensitivity
  • Many experiences in variety actual conditions
  • Compact design, easy mounting
  • Famous as Nippon Bellows NF804G

Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing

※※Type GA4 has 2 types of gas inlet, right hand side and left hand side. Please see bellow drawing.

Outline Drawing


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Connection RC1/2 (IN、OUT)
M10×1 Pilot burner(P)mounting
M6×1 Leak screw(L)(For fire after valve closed)
Capacity 2.5m3 /H(10mm drop)
Temperature Range (℃) Optional 60〜100(For water)
80〜120(for water/for fryer)
150〜200(for fryer)
Standard 160〜220(for fryer)




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